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Total nitrogen (N), % 20
of which
Nitric nitrogen, % 6
Ammoniacal nitrogen, % 4
Amide nitrogen, % 10
Water-soluble phosphates as P2O5, % 20
Potassium (K2O), % 20
Magnesium as MgO, % 2
Sulfur as SO3, % -
Microelements (* – in chelated form), %, min.:
- Boron (B) 0,02
- Copper (Cu)* 0,01
- Iron (Fe)* 0,1
- Manganese (Mn)* 0,05
- Molybdenum (Mo) 0,01
- Zinc (Zn)* 0,01


Balanced water-soluble UNIVERSAL is developed for plant nutrition over the whole period of growth.

Especially efficient during stress periods, such as drought, water-logging, damage caused by disease and pests, etc.
Does not contain sodium, chlorine and heavy metals.
Perfectly suitable for foliar fertilization of open field crops.

Application method and dosage

Application method and dosage Root fertilization:

Cucumbers and tomatoes 0,1-0,2 % solution (1-2 g/l of water)
Other vegetable crops, cucurbits crops 0,07-0,2 % solution (0,7-2 g/l of water)
Fruit and berry and ornamental crops 0,1-0,3 % solution (1-3 g/l of water)

Precise concentration of the solution is determined based on soil diagnostics and quality of irrigation water.
Foliar fertilization: The solution is applied onto leaves by a sprayer in the following quantities* (recommended consumption of spray material is 200 l/ha**)
Cereal and technical crops 2-5 kg/ha
Fruit and berry and ornamental crops 2-4 kg/ha
Vegetable and cucurbits crops 3-5 kg/ha

* Precise dosage of the fertilizer is determined depending on the vegetation stage based on the data of plant diagnostics, presence of stress and the symptoms caused by nutritional deficiency.
** The dosage is calculated for the consumption of 200 l/ha of spray material. For preparation of 300 l/ha working solution application rates should be proportionally increased.

Packing and transportation

25 kg PE bags (palletized).

Store in a dry place, away from the exposure to direct sunlight.








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